Deltix Cloud Services (DCS)

Do you want to conduct quantitative research but without the headaches of data and technology procurement?

Delivered over the internet and available by monthly subscription, Deltix Cloud Services gives you immediate and flexible access to market-leading quantitative research and trading tools.

Our DCS offering is designed specifically for firms and individuals that want to conduct serious research straightaway without the extensive time and cost outlays required to source, integrate and maintain separate technology components.

DCS-Research, our cloud-based quantitative research service, gives you on-demand access to Deltix’s institutional grade research software, developed over many years to rigorous standards and access to market data managed centrally by our experienced team.

Deltix clients already use our software to do automated trading. Users of DCS-Research have the opportunity to deploy their models for live trading with selected brokers and we are continuing to expand the options our clients have for trading.

DCS-Research  |  Deltix Cloud Services for Quantitative Research

DCS-Research gives you everything you need to test and develop your strategies, reducing your time to market and providing greater confidence in the quality of your ideas.

Delivered through a combination of internet and local installation, DCS-Research allows you to carry out a wide range of quantitative research tasks using high quality, pre-built, historical market and non-market data.

DCS-Research currently supports spot FX, futures (continuous) and US equities (without corporate actions).

DCS-Research is made up of three integrated Deltix components:


1. Deltix QuantOffice “DCS Edition” Research Software

Used by a wide range of hedge funds, CTA’s and institutional prop trading desks, QuantOffice is our award winning high performance software for the creation, refinement and back-testing of integrated alpha and execution strategies.

QuantOffice provides a full C# development environment including two-way integration with Microsoft Visual Studio. Based on a domain specific event model, QuantOffice includes a full range of math, statistical and data libraries specifically designed for quantitative modeling of events for both portfolio and instrument level granularity.

Those less experienced at using C# can create models and strategies using the strategy designer wizard.

2. Historical Market Data

Good data is critical to developing a viable algorithmic trading strategy.

DCS-Research supplies three years of historical spot FX, futures (continuous) and US equities data from a cloud-based version of our market-leading TimeBase data warehouse.

TimeBase provides market data in the form of “enhanced bars”, offering a significant step-up from standard bar data. Both one minute and 10 second enhanced bars are available. These bars are enriched with additional attributes, derived from the underlying tick data. For example, in addition to Open/Close/High/Low/Volume, TimeBase data is enriched with best bid, best ask, tick count. This market data, collected from various providers and procured by Deltix, is updated monthly.

As well as saving you time on the selection and integration of time series data, we also manage the time-consuming tasks associated with data maintenance, including trading calendars, trading sessions, variable tick sizes and changing security identifiers.

In addition to historical market data, DCS-Research also offers an increasing array of non-market data, for example macro event calendars and sentiment factors derived from news. We are continuously searching and adding additional sources of non-market, supplemental, data to DCS thereby providing additional potential sources of alpha for researchers.

3. User Support

Every DCS user is automatically enrolled in the Deltix Developer Network (DDN) for DCS.

This active user community is a rich source of user guides, technical documentation, sample strategies and community discussion around issues and ideas related to quantitative research and trading.

DCS Installation and Data Security

Installation of QuantOffice DCS Edition is quick and simple: once you receive your logon, you can start using DCS with 24hour, on-demand access.

Users download QuantOffice DCS Edition to their own computer.  It connects to our data servers and receives data delivered by TimeBase over the internet. This combination of local installation and cloud-based data ensures the integrity of the data, faster non-internet based processing of that data and the peace of mind that your strategies are stored securely on your own computer.


DCS is charged as a single flat fee of $100/m that includes all components: use of software, market data, user community access and content. The only addition is if you subscribe for certain Supplemental data.


For more information about DCS Research, please visit our FAQ page.

Once we provide you with a logon, you can get started with a data set specific to you, and start your research.

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