old CryptoCortex for Brokers and Broker/Dealers

Trading in the cryptocurrency market has exploded and is quickly maturing as institutions enter into the space. That’s driving up the demand for brokers, who specialize in larger trades which need more sophisticated execution than simply placing an order on one, amongst the multitude, of exchanges. Institional brokers need institutional enterprise-grade trading platforms on which to aggregate data from an ever expanding list of venues, produce consolidated order books, publish pricing and route order flow…all while managing risk.Deltix’ CryptoCortex provides brokers and broker/dealers with a mature crypto trading platform that has been battle-tested for over a decade with other other asset classes (futures, FX, equities and options).

CryptoCortex provides the following capabilities:
  • Creation and streaming of consolidated order book from multiple exchanges via multi-cast, FIX, web sockets and REST interfaces
  • Flexible pricing engine with ability to define custom price levels and multiple-tiers for both outrights, pairs and synthetic pairs
  • FIX trading interfaces
  • Advanced execution management system (EMS)
  • Internal matching engine (ECN)
  • Smart order routing (SOR)
  • Algorithmic execution
  • Ability to develop, back-test and optimize custom SOR and execution algos
  • Post- and pre-trade (in progress) transaction cost analysis (TCA) system
  • Pre-trade risk management
  • Client relationship management (CRM) system with advanced account configuration and management
  • Integration with crypto wallet management systems
  • Enterprise-grade data warehouse for storing and streaming all historical prices
  • Advanced reporting
  • Trade surveillance system (in progress)
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