Alvarium Capital Selects Deltix Product Suite for New Quantitative Hedge Fund

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 12:05AM

Deltix today announced that Alvarium Capital, LLC, has selected the Deltix QuantOffice™ and QuantServer™ product suite for the development and production deployment of advanced quantitative strategies.

Deltix offers a one-stop software platform for quantitative traders and portfolio managers to create, test, optimize and deploy in production alpha generation and execution strategies.

Jonathan Calvert is the President of Alvarium Capital, a hedge fund startup developing multi-horizon quantitative strategies.  Mr. Calvert has used a wide variety of quantitative tools, both commercial and proprietary, over his 18 year career as a partner at GMO and portfolio manager at RiverSource Investments and Mellon Capital Management.

“The Deltix product suite provides a set of fast, powerful tools that are valuable separately and are even more compelling when used in their integrated fashion. The ability to leverage the Deltix platform, which includes a high performance time series data warehouse, for both research and high performance production reduces our business risk and enables us to focus on the investment ideas rather than the infrastructure. QuantOffice™ gives us a productive, fast strategy research environment.  Migrating strategies to production using QuantServer™ and the UHF Trading Server gives us a seamless path that won’t require rewriting our algos, saving time and reducing risk.”

“We are extremely excited to be working with Alvarium Capital on implementing the Deltix product suite.” said Ilya Gorelik, CEO and Founder of Deltix. “We look forward to working with Jonathan and his team with their cutting edge research processes.”