CitiFX TradeStream Partners With Deltix to Offer an Integrated Algo-Trading Solution For Research and Trading of Automated FX Strategies

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 8:12AM

Citi and Deltix are pleased to announce a joint solution consisting of the Deltix Product Suite integrated with streaming market data and trade execution using CitiFX TradeStream liquidity. The software and related services are hosted in Equinix NY4.

Deltix is a leading software solution provider for buy-side firms looking to deploy advanced automated trading strategies.  Its Product Suite allows systematic trading firms to develop, back-test, refine and deploy trading models in an intuitive, fast and secure environment. And now this collaboration with Citi allows users to back-test their strategies against high quality pricing data sourced from a selection of key FX liquidity providers.

“In our experience many traders of systematic strategies find that the process of back-testing their models against real data, and then implementing these models into a live trading environment is a lengthy and potentially expensive process,” said Alex Knight, Head of CitiFX Margin Trading. “CitiFX TradeStream provides traders with access to a reliable, tight and low cost aggregated FX feed with the benefit of having Citi as the trade counterparty via a CitiFX Margin Trading Account. We are very pleased to be setting up this new joint solution with Deltix in response to the demand that we have identified from traders looking to deploy automated strategies.”

This solution is specifically tailor-made for buy-side firms trading on margin and features:

  • CitiFX TradeStream, an aggregated liquidity stream consisting of liquidity from multiple providers, including Citi
  • Deltix Product Suite hosted in Equinix NY4, integrated with CitiFX TradeStream liquidity through a low-latency connection

The solution allows eligible users to try the system with support provided by Deltix, build and back-test strategies with real historical data, run the strategies in UAT with live data and then deploy it in production against the same data feed, all in one seamless continuous process.

“More firms are trading FX on an automated basis”, said Ilya Gorelik, CEO and Founder of Deltix. “Successful managers not only have good processes for researching and testing new trading strategies, but also top quality data feeds, software, infrastructure and support so that these strategies achieve their full potential.”