CMA and Deltix Deploy New Algo Suite for Trading South American Markets

New York, NY. July 16, 2018

Deltix, Inc., announces the production deployment of custom execution algos within CMA’s Platform for trading equities and futures on South American markets: Brazil’s Bovespa, BM&F; Colombia’s BVC and Peru’s BVL.

“The CMA Platform is now operating with Deltix algorithms on the main Latin American stock exchanges. The Black Box package includes VWAP, TWAP, Volume Participation, Basket, Best Offer and Multileg (pair trades, spreads, rations, long and short, skew, vol, etc.) algorithms. Or clients can choose a Grey Box package with algorithms adapted to client requested parameters and improvements. Alternatively, clients can create their own operating strategies (White Box package),” said Raphael Juan, Director of Markets at CMA.

“We are pleased to have deployed algos within the CMA Platform. We used the Deltix Product Suite to customize execution algos according to CMA’s specifications, creating highly specific strategies for South American markets. Using the CMA Platform’s market access, this is a powerful solution for trading these markets. The new package also enables traders to measure performance using Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA). They can further customize the algos using Deltix QuantOffice,” said Ilya Gorelik, CEO and Founder of Deltix.

About Deltix

Deltix is a leading provider of software and services for quantitative research, algorithmic and automated systematic trading. Its software enables the development and deployment of alpha generation and/or execution strategies for buy-side and sell-side firms including asset managers, hedge funds, CTAs, proprietary traders, investment managers, banks, brokers and exchanges. Users include professional quantitative traders, portfolio managers and technologists. Deltix supports algorithmic execution for equities, futures, options, FX and crypto currencies. Wholly owned by employees, Deltix was founded in 2005 by a group of computer scientists and mathematicians with extensive expertise in sophisticated quantitative and event-driven solutions.

About CMA

CMA is a Brazilian multinational that, since 1973, has developed high technology solutions applied to the financial and commodity, educational, telecommunications and data center markets. The company has headquarters and 9 branches in Brazil plus subsidiaries in the US, Latin America and Europe, with customers in 35 countries. CMA provides innovative solutions for trading analysis, management and execution of electronic trading for multiple markets in real time, with high frequency and very low latency. CMA’s clients are tier one in the brokerage market, working with all financial institutions. For more information on the CMA Platform with Deltix Algorithms operating with Latin American Exchanges, contact