Deltix Product Suite Powered by Lime Brokerage Trading Technology Launches with First Live Mutual Client

Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 10:41PM

Deltix, Inc. and Lime Brokerage LLC, a Wedbush Company and preeminent provider of ultra low-latency, ultra high-throughput trading technologies and high-volume agency brokerage services, today announced that their first mutual client is trading live using the Deltix Product Suite with server hosting, streaming market data and trade routing infrastructure provided by Lime.

“The hosted deployment of the Deltix Product Suite with Lime’s Citrius™ market data and trade execution allows trading firms to focus on strategy development. By shortening the time to market of developing and deploying new strategies in a secure low latency environment, trading firms are much more productive and efficient,” said Ilya Gorelik, CEO and Founder of Deltix. “Because the market data captured from the Lime Citrius adapter is stored in TimeBase, each client has its own historical data repository created from the same infrastructure as that used in live trading.  Coupled with this, trading models defined and refined in QuantOffice are deployed “as is” in UHF Trading Server for live trading which means there is no scope for model translation errors which otherwise occur in transferring a model from back-testing to live trading.”

“Both Deltix and Lime share a deep level of commitment to our customers, and strive to provide innovative technology that allows organizations to heighten trading operations,” said Jeff Bell, CEO of Lime. “We are pleased with our integrated service offering, and are excited to continue to support Deltix.”

Deltix and Lime have been working together in building and testing Deltix’s integration of Lime’s low latency Citrius™ market data feed with Deltix TimeBase data warehouse and messaging middleware. Trading strategies are developed, backtested, and optimized in Deltix’s QuantOffice. When suitable strategies are ready, they are deployed for production trading in Deltix’s UHF Trading Server, which sends orders to market via Lime’s FIX DMA connectivity. At the present time, the Deltix/Lime integration supports equities and options, but will encompass additional asset classes in the future.