Deltix Wins Best Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platform at Waters Awards Wednesday

November 12, 2014 at 11:16AM

At the Awards Ceremony in London on November 7, we were presented with the award for Best Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platform.

This is our ninth award since 2012.

CEP is the enabler of modern quantitative research and systematic trading. Deltix QuantOffice is a CEP-based application for researchers and traders to perform quantitative analysis by expressing and back-testing their ideas (models) using pre-defined and user-defined events. Such models can be based on market data (Level 2, Level 1, tick, intra-day and daily data), fundamental data, digitized news, crowd-sourced earnings estimates, Twitter and other private and unstructured data.

By virtue of the underlying data architecture provided by Deltix TimeBase, QuantOffice makes no distinction between real-time and historical events. As such, models developed using historical data can be deployed “as is” against real-time streaming data (streamed via TimeBase).