FX Concepts Selects Deltix QuantOffice™ Product Suite for Research and Deployment of Quantitative Strategies

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 8:52PM

Deltix, Inc. today announced that FX concepts, a global investment management and research firm, has chosen Deltix QuantOffice™ product suite as one of their quantitative research tools. FX Concepts required a solution that would allow them to accelerate timeto- market for new, highly complex, iterative investment strategies without compromising quality and innovation.

Deltix offers a one-stop software platform for quantitative traders and portfolio managers to create, test and deploy in production alpha generation and execution strategies, integrating seamlessly with data feeds, best-in-class components and order management systems.

Key benefits of Deltix products are the following:

  • Integrated Alpha Discovery and Execution Strategy Solution: Closely-integrated alpha generation and order execution management for strategies that may include thousands of instruments, seamlessly combining alpha discovery with order execution strategies for superior results.
  • Full “Research to Production” Lifecycle Coverage: End-to-end support of all phases of the alpha discovery process, including backtesting, simulation and deployment to production. Multi-asset coverage includes equities, options, futures, currencies and custom synthetic instruments.
  • Unparalleled Performance: Exceptional performance capabilities enable rapid analysis of thousands of instruments for daily, intraday and tick data.
  • Open and Flexible Architecture: An open architecture environment allows seamless and robust integration with multiple data feeds and best-in-class software solutions, including those for tick processing, order execution management, statistical analysis and others.

“We explored a number of products for the advanced quantitative research, and chose Deltix QuantOffice and QuantServer software for its broad functionality, open and flexible architecture, extreme performance and seamless integration with heterogeneous data sources for historical and real-time market data.” said Edward Boyle, Vice-President of Global Tactical Model Development for FX Concepts. “Deltix has come up with the one of the best solutions to meet our needs for the advanced alpha generation. In addition to their technology, their support team is highly qualified and has been an excellent resource in helping us learn and use the product.”

“We look forward to working with FX Concepts going forward, particularly in the area of advanced quantitative research tools.” said Ilya Gorelik, President and CEO of Deltix. “We hope to continue to provide added value for FX Concepts while addressing the growing demands for alpha discovery and execution management.”