GMP Investment Management Selects Deltix QuantOffice™ Product Suite for Research and Deployment of Quantitative Strategies

Friday, October 30, 2009 at 6:12PM

Deltix today announced that GMP Investment Management L.P., a subsidiary of GMP Capital Inc. (TSX: GMP), has chosen Deltix QuantOffice/QuantServer™ product suite for the development and production deployment of advanced quantitative strategies.

Deltix offers a one-stop software platform for quantitative traders and portfolio managers to create, test and deploy in production alpha generation and execution strategies, integrating seamlessly with data feeds, best-in-class components and order management systems.

“We needed a flexible software system that would accelerate the development, backtesting, optimization and production deployment of advanced quantitative strategies working with multiple asset classes, data feeds and periodicities.” said Elliot Johnson, Director, Project & Vendor Management of GMP Securities L.P. “Deltix has delivered a solution which meets our needs for advanced alpha generation and automated trading. In addition to their technology, their support team is highly qualified and has been an excellent resource in helping us deploy the product.”

“We are extremely excited to be working with GMP Investment Management L.P. on implementing our technology offering and extending its capabilities.” said Ilya Gorelik, President and CEO of Deltix. “We look forward to working with their portfolio managers and quants on enabling their cutting edge research processes and addressing growing demands for alpha discovery and execution management.”