QuantHub is a cloud-based research system with business intelligence capabilities, complex event processing and a rapid prototyping capability. QuantHub technology helps make sense of any time series data, prepare and transform data for investigation by running multiple experiments.

QuantHub includes industry-leading research and visualization tools to analyze and make rapid data-driven decisions, and allows users to share their work with the rest of the world.

Key Features

Massive rapid data experiments on the cloud

  • Message throughput of 100M messages per second
  • Millions of experiments with data sets
  • Performance scales linearly when new nodes added

Actionable insights: unlock patterns and make data-driven decisions with numerous instruments to analyze, compare and blend massive data results even from different data sets.

Plug-and-play capabilities for almost any modern data science application – machine learning, optimization, predictive analytics.

Share ideas and make research public with QuantHub publishing and sharing capabilities.

Seamless integration with well-designed and documented REST API with easy-to-adopt SQL-like request structure.

Short learning curve with intuitive Web interface.

Out-of-the-box integrations give you access to external big data services: DataLake, HDFS.

Out-of-the box integration with data analysis and prototyping services: Jupyter Notepad.

Save and Scale using just the ability to allocate and manage cloud computational resources on-the-fly. The nodes can be terminated after the experiment is finished, thus, allowing just the resources needed when they are needed.


Using Cloud Technology For Quant Research, Analytics and TCA

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