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“We are a statistical arbitrage hedge fund utilizing some of the most sophisticated and proprietary techniques out there. We chose Deltix because of their reputation as the top quantitative end-to-end research and trading platform. We found Deltix to be extremely flexible, allowing us to develop our complex, custom strategy frameworks and integrate them into the existing Deltix environment. We worked closely with a large team of highly qualified and responsive client support technicians, programmers, and software architects. Their ability to understand our needs quickly and propose solutions was extremely helpful in getting us up and running. We strongly recommend choosing Deltix, as they have a great platform and strong support team to help achieve your goals.”

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Amir Leybovitch
COO, Clarity Capital

“We were recommended to move to Deltix because of their reputation for having the most advanced commercially available software for algorithmic research and trading. We indeed found this to be the case and have found their team to be valuable partners in providing deep insights into using their technology in ways specific to us.”

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Pat Coleman
CEO, GlobalBased Technologies, Inc. 

“We use Deltix at the Olin Business School as part of our programme for teaching finance-related mathematics and advanced techniques applied to the quantitative research and trading. Of particular benefit is that market data is pre-integrated into the research tool, QuantOffice. This means our students can focus on research and learning, rather than they or the Faculty worrying about data procurement. QuantOffice includes advanced maths and stats libraries which means the students are able to apply advanced modelling techniques and because QuantOffice is used widely in the quant financial community, our students are well prepared for seeking related employment opportunities.”

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Hong Liu
Professor of Finance & Director of the Masters in Quantitative Finance Program
Olin Business School

“Deltix QuantOffice provides the best combination of functionality, computational power, reliability and user friendliness that I have found in the strategy development solution market place. Since it supports both C# editing and GUI-based development, it’s an ideal collaboration environment for my team given the mix of programming and modelling skill levels.”

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Martin Rosenburgh, CFA
Principal and CEO
Continuum Investment Advisers LLC

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