CryptoCortex is an institutional-grade crypto trading platform built on the Deltix Core. It provides a number of critical services which are used in all or part of both buy-side and sell-side :

  • Market Data Aggregator
  • Messaging Bus
  • Pricing Engine
  • Price Distribution Engine
  • FIX Hub
  • Execution Server
  • Matching Engine
  • Exchange Simulator
  • SOR Engine
  • Algo Execution Engine
  • Reporting Engine
  • Monitoring System
  • Risk Management System

Connectivity Hub

  • A single connection to CyptoCortex provides connectivity to multiple crypto exchanges, for market data collection & aggregation and trading
  • Connectivity for FX, futures, equities and options

Market Data

  • Connectivity to multiple crypto exchanges (and for FX, futures, equities and options)
  • Collection & aggregation of market data (trades and full market depth of quotes)
  • Distribution of market data to consumers via FIX, multi-cast, web sockets or API


  • Connectivity to crypto exchanges via FIX or proprietary API for ultra-low latency trading
  • Execution algos
  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Execution analytics (including Transaction Cost Analysis)
  • Position, P&L and risk management


  • “Hot” (sub millisecond) failover capability

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