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Intelligent Collaboration is in our DNA

Deltix (“Development Laboratory for Technology and Informatics”) was founded to develop Open Intelligence Software. The main characteristic of Open Intelligence Software is that it allows the end user client to modify and extend the functionality of the resulting solution. Open Intelligence Software development requires a very close partnership with clients: the development of software based on end-user requirements is in our DNA. We developed and tuned our software development processes specifically to ensure that the resulting solutions not only meet the requirements of end users, but at the same time are flexible and extendable.


Since 2005, Deltix has worked with over 120 financial firms, including banks, brokers, ECNs, energy producers and small proprietary trading firms. We have an organization of highly qualified software engineers and analysts, holding MS and PhDs degrees, with hundreds of years of combined software development experience, creating high-performance, robust, multi-tiered, cross-platforms computational systems and applications. Out teams can work on project independently, or, embedded in the development organization of our clients. 

Proficiency in the development of enterprise-wide information and decision management systems, especially processing large sets of heterogeneous time-series data

From its inception, Deltix focused on solving generic problems of information management especially on tasks related to the processing of large volumes of heterogeneous time-series data. We created and refined our software and in parallel developed in-house expertise and software engineering skills to cover the entire workflow of an advanced information management, from data acquisition, cleansing and validation, to advanced decision support, visualization and reporting. We applied this know-how to the development of solutions in the field of quantitative finance, but our software for systematic trading is only an example of how our technology could be utilized.

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During the first years of Deltix’s growth we developed software for advanced content management, insurance procurement, data center wellness management and generic knowledge management. Today Deltix has dedicated teams specializing in various horizontal software engineering domains including enterprise-wide data management and warehousing, complex event processing, real-time mathematics, decision support systems, automatic code generation, dynamic data visualization and reporting. We possess deep vertical knowledge of financial markets, including market data aggregation and connectivity, strategy development and backtesting, advanced order execution and management.

Our QuantServer and QuantOffice solution is an illustration of how our software development expertise in the field of quantitative finance could be utilized for the development of broader spectrum of information management systems utilizing time-series data.

Diversity of in-house expertise allows us to solve the most advanced technical problems

Not only do we work with the majority of standard technologies (.NET, Java, C++ etc.), we have a talented team with deep hands-on knowledge and demonstrable results in the broad area of generic enterprise-wide information management and dynamic decision support.


Our offerings for the Financial Services Market


Systematic and Discretionary Trading

Deltix offers solutions for the development, deployment and management of systematic strategies. These strategies can be developed by our clients of built by us to client specification. You give us the specification and we will deliver ready to use, back-tested and optimized, robust trading system, with an option to deploy it in your own or one of our partner cloud based data-centers.

Deltix has extensive experience in all stages of trading systems of any complexity, from a single strategy to sophisticated trading environments.

Deltix offers development of specialized end user (GUI) applications to streamline trading workflows, to assist discretionary trading activities and can develop custom execution algorithms to help lower the TCA and increase profits.

Financial Data Warehousing and Analytics – High Volume and High Performance

Deltix offers  wide range of solutions for time-series data warehousing with advanced time-series data analytics applications.

Deltix has extensive experience in development of solutions for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA). We offer special applications dedicated to historical and real-time/on the fly complex reports generation and signal processing.

Deltix offers fast and robust solutions in the area of corporate data aggregation, augmentation and analysis; we have delivered solutions handling in excess of 50TB. Deltix components have a low hardware footprint however still allow processing millions of messages per second on an average standard hardware.

Execution Optimization and Management

Deltix offers development of execution algorithms of any complexity, and with virtually any latency requirements. These can be turn-key, including deployment to production and live trading monitoring, or integrated with a client’s existing infrastructure.

The Deltix Product Suite enables the full life cycle of deploying execution algorithms: development, backtesting, release to production, trading, monitoring and refinement; based on target PnL, cost-analysis indicators or other applicable KPIs.

FIX Integration and Enrichment

Our clients can chose from the 70 most popular pre-built and certified FIX destinations. In addition, the Deltix platform includes build and certification of FIX destination of our clients’ choice, at a fixed cost.

Deltix has  extensive experience in enabling integration between non-FIX and FIX-based trading environments, and back-office data processing.


Example Projects

  • FX Market Making Infrastructure for a Global Bank
  • Commodities Client Order Processing and Execution for a Leading Broker
  • Transaction Cost Analysis for an Asset Manager
  • Faster, Simpler and Distributable GUI solutions for Retail Broker’s Clients
  • Real-Time Message Storage, Enhancement, Analytics and Re-Distribution (multiple client types)

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