Crypto Trading

Institutional and professional traders looking to trade crypto-currencies expect institutional-grade technology to support them. But crypto trading is still in its infancy and many trading venues lack much of the functionality and resilience we take for granted in venues of other asset classes.

Deltix seeks to change this by bringing our expertise and the Deltix product suite to crypto.

From “Deltix Core” to Crypto Trading

Deltix has 10 years experience deploying our product suite at nearly 200 buy-side and sell-side institutions across equities, futures, options, FX and crypto. Each implementation has helped hone our technology, skills and knowledge.

We call this combination of technology and knowledge the “Deltix Core”. Simply put, it is our domain expertise in building, deploying and supporting institutional-grade trading technology.

We first developed expertise in alpha generation strategies (see Buy-Side). We built and deployed some of the most advanced execution analytics and algos for both buy-side and sell-side institutions (see Order Execution) that are now used by leading global banks and brokers.

In 2017, we began using our Deltix Core and Order Execution capabilities to provide the most advanced institutional crypto-trading platform available: CryptoCortex.

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