CryptoCortex for Institutional Buy-Side

Trading in the cryptocurrency market has historically been dominated by individual investors. Participation by institutional investors has been limited so far by the newness of the asset class, extreme volatility, a lack of regulation, and custodial, security, and liquidity concerns. However, we’re seeing substantially growing interest from the institutional buy-side. And these firms need sophisticated trading platforms on which to aggregate data from an ever-expanding list of venues, produce consolidated order books, and route order flow…all while managing risk with institutional-grade risk management capabilities.

Deltix’ CryptoCortex provides buy-sides with the institutional grade crypto trading platform. Built on the Deltix Core, our platform incorporates functionality that has been battle tested for more than a decade with other asset classes (futures, FX, equities and options).

CryptoCortex provides institutional buy-sides with the following capabilities:
  • Flexible integration via FIX with multiple crypto trading venues
  • Private ticker plant for aggregating prices from multiple venues
  • Advanced strategy development, backtesting and production deployment environment
  • Flexible GUI for discretionary and intelligent trading
  • Central order flow and market data management system
  • Smart order routing (SOR) and execution algorithms
  • Distributed multi-server multi-strategy support with central EMS
  • Internal crossing engine
  • Advanced central pre- and post- trade risk management system
  • Advanced position hedging and market exposure management system
  • Pre- and Post-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA)
  • Advanced reporting system

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