Case Study – Market Data Collection for a Hedge Fund


The hedge fund was looking to expand their universe of equities traded from US domestic to global. In addition, their trading strategies required a move from bar data to level 1 tick data. As a result of these requirements, their existing SQL-based data storage capability was no longer suitable for market data collection and storage.

The hedge fund had an existing technology stack for both back-testing and live trading, based on Java, which they wished to keep.

The objectives of this project were:

  • Collect and store tick data for global equities
  • Provide training for the client to program their own access and use of both historical and streaming market data.



We installed TimeBase and the Aggregator and market data adapter corresponding to the client’s market data provider. This took less than one day to configure and have running such that streaming market data was being collected and stored in TimeBase.

Subsequently, our Professional Services staff navigated the TimeBase documentation with the client’s technical staff, focussing on those areas specific to the client’s use-cases. Specifically, these were using Java to: (1) access historical tick data (2) subscribe to TimeBase messaging to use streaming market data in their trading models.


Products Deployed

QuantServer: TimeBase and Aggregator


The Results

  • Market data collection and storage for level 1 and tick data for global equities, used for both back-testing and live trading.
  • Integrated historical and streaming market data with client’s existing technology stack.
  • A project of less than one month’s elapsed time.