Deltix and Financialogix Announce Integrated Automated FX Trading Solution

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 11:16PM

Deltix, Inc. and Financialogix Group Inc., a leading provider of electronic FX trading solutions, today announced that Financialogix’s XStream Aggregator has been integrated with the Deltix QuantOfficeTM and QuantServerTM  product suite. The combination of the two product families provides a readily-available turnkey platform for high-end systematic FX trading. It allows users to create, back-test and optimize FX trading strategies using historical data and then deploy them for real-time production trading via XStream Aggregator.

XStream Aggregator provides low-latency connectivity to more than twenty major liquidity providers. It delivers high-end market data, constructs a virtual order book and enables sophisticated order routing and execution. Utilizing QuantServerTM TimeBase technology, tick data delivered by XStream Aggregator is maintained and made available for back-testing of strategies created and optimized in QuantOfficeTM. Production-ready strategies are deployed in QuantServerTM  and XStream Aggregator provides them with high quality market data and execution gateways.

Thomas Lo, CEO of Financialogix Group commented, “We are very pleased with the integration of XStream Aggregator with the Deltix product suite. With the explosion of systematic trading in the FX markets, the combined Deltix/Financialogix platform provides an innovative solution to service the needs of all FX market participants.”

Ilya Gorelik, CEO and Founder of Deltix said, “This is a major milestone in development of automated FX trading strategies. The development of automated trading strategies requires advanced software for data collection, model development, back-testing and optimization but it is highly dependent on quality market data and access to trading liquidity. This combination of Deltix and Financialogix products provides that. ”