Eclipse Capital Management Sponsors Deltix Quantitative Research Platform at Olin Business School, Washington University

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 2:57PM

Eclipse Capital Management, Inc. (“Eclipse”), an alternative investment management firm specializing in the research, development and management of quantitative model-driven trading strategies, today announced that it has sponsored Washington University’s Olin Business School access to the Deltix Quantitative Research Platform for some of its programs.

Eclipse, a current user of Deltix Timebase and QuantOffice for its quantitative research, collaborates with graduate students and faculty from Washington University’s Olin Business School. Eclipse is planning to extend this relationship by including  more advanced training, internships, and specific research projects to be undertaken by Olin students using the Deltix platform.

Students in the Masters in Quantitative Finance Program at the Olin School are provided with access to Deltix Cloud Services (DCS). DCS consists of Deltix QuantOffice and historical market data, allowing DCS users to do quantitative research from the outset rather than procure and configure market data. DCS maintains a core set of historical market data on its timebase servers in Equinix NY4. Students are also provided access to the Deltix Developer Network (DDN) allowing them to upload and share research, strategies and instructional videos with other students as well as other DCS users.

Hong Liu, Professor of Finance & Director of the Masters of Science in Finance (Quantitative Track) Program, commented “The Olin Masters of Science in Finance program, ranked as #1 in USA by Financial Times in 2013,  provides not only rigorous training in quantitative finance skills but also vital education in financial economics.  Cutting-edge technology for real-world development and deployment of trading strategies has become increasingly critical for success in the financial industry, especially for algorithmic and high-frequency trading, which requires capability of processing large data set with lightening speed.  Deltix Cloud Services enables our students to get hands-on experience of developing, back-testing, simulating and implementing trading strategies. We have no doubt that they will significantly benefit from this learning experience in job searching and future growth. We are excited about this partnership with Deltix and Eclipse Capital.”

Brent Mathus, Managing Director at Eclipse, said “As a firm, we are committed to quantitative research as the cornerstone of our investment process.  As such, it is critical to maintain our investment in people and technology. We are delighted to sponsor the Washington University Olin School’s access to Deltix’s quantitative research technology. It is consistent with our strategy of having access to the best up and coming talent.  We look forward to building stronger relationships with Deltix as well as the faculty and students at the Olin Business School.”

“We are delighted to provide Washington University Olin School’s students with access to Deltix Cloud Services” said Ilya Gorelik, Deltix Founder & CEO.  “We enjoy working with anyone who has a deep commitment to quantitative techniques and we look forward to helping the next generation of quants.”